I agree that straps and bracelets

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I agree that straps and bracelets
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I agree that straps and bracelets
Lunes, 18 Diciembre 2017


I agree that straps and bracelets look really nice replica watches uk when they fit flush with the watch case. I have no doubt there is a reason for how Rolex designed the end of the strap - there is pretty much a [good] reason for everything that Rolex does. My guess is that given the material of the strap, it simply would replica watches uk not look nice right up against the case as the strap moved around. The second issue is limited adjustability. The Oysterflex strap will come in six different sizes and you'll need to choose the right fit for you when you buy it. There is replica watches uk some micro-adjustability in the deployant clasp but you'll need to choose only one strap option. Even cutting the replica watches uk straps to size is not really and option because of the metal part in the strap. You'll get a nice clean look with this decisions, but you can't share watches with friends and replica watches uk if you ever do, you'll need to purchase another Oysterflex strap directly from Rolex.


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